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Kindle Fire HD Comic Book Reader Graphic Novels and Comics


Welcome to the ultimate guide to the Kindle Fire HD Comic Book Reader to Kindle Graphic Novels and Comics. One of the most overlooked features with the Kindle tablet is the ability to natively browse, purchase and read comics, graphic novels and comic strips as you would other ebook and Kindle published content. The first Kindle Fire wasn’t the most ideal comic book reader, but an HD screen, updated interface and a year later make a big difference.


Kindle Fire HD Comic Book Reader: Graphic Novels & Comics on Kindle Store



Kindle Fire HD Comic Book Reader Pros

  • Looks sharp on device and reads well even though at smaller size than print counterparts.
  • Ability to sample and easily purchase full version.
  • Ebook leading features you come to expect from Kindle: page syncing, sharing and favorites.
  • Good entry level selection of popular DC, Marvel and independent works like The Living Dead.
  • Economical device and content pricing.
  • Seamless integration with device ecosystem.


Kindle Fire HD Comic Book Reader Cons

  • Does not rotate out of portrait reading experience, even for 2 page spreads.
  • Limited options and preferences to customize the comic reading experience compared with other comic book readers.
  • Not an extremely deep catalog – but getting better with additional of Marvel catalog.
  • Did I mention no landscape orientation? ^_^


Kindle Fire HD Comic Book Reader Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What comic book file formats are Kindle comics? Are they downloads that I can manage like CBR, CBZ or PDF files?
A: Graphic novels and comics available in the Kindle store are in the Kindle Format for viewing by a Kindle family device or Kindle App. They are NOT CBR, CBZ or PDF files, but the Kindle device family or Kindle App allows you to download, transfer and manage from the cloud through your amazon account.

Q: Can I view graphic novels and comics that I have purchased in the Kindle Store on other devices, like an iPad?
A: Yes – but only through a Kindle App – which is available for most major platforms, including Android & iOS. The store purchase and sampling experience may not be as seamless, but all prior purchases are available on the cloud.
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Q: Can you read comics in landscape orientation?
A: In my experience on the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and apps on Android and iOS, the answer appears to be No. I don’t want to overly emphasize this point, but everyone reads a little bit differently.


Kindle Fire HD Comic Book Reader Download

Kindle ebook readers were one of the biggest first successes in digital reading, so its no surprise to see comics on the Kindle Fire. Expanding the Kindle offering to an Android powered base on an HD tablet, the Kindle Fire HD – 7″  makes for a solid digital comic book reader.

While the 7″ form factor is smaller than typically published comic size, the images are sharp and rich and the text highly legible. The device aspect ratio is obviously geared toward HD Video and noticeable during comics reading, but its not an overall negative – especially if portability is highly prized. Its like reading an Archie Double Digest on an HD screen – it scales down surprisingly well.

Amazon does everything to make the purchase ecosystem as seamless and frictionless as possible. Graphic Novels and Comics content is given the same treatment as Apps and other Features in the device ecosystem. Samples with a small handful of pages are easily available via Amazon Whispernet and enable a quick “In App” style purchase once you have breezed through. Full purchases are direct counterparts to the published graphic novel – not sequenced comics, its exactly like “picking up the trade”.

Favorite features from the Kindle reading experience are here including page syncing between Kindle Reading Apps, Sharing Notes and Highlights via Facebook and Twitter, and marking favorites and go to a specific page / location. From a page perspective, its a really solid reading experience that can make hundreds of fly by without a thought… until you hit double page spread. There is no getting around its awkward, and locking the device into portrait mode for reading comics doesn’t feels additional restrictive, but reality is simply constrained by the device size.

The other constraint is on the content side – the library is simply not as extensive as Amazon’s print offerings. Like with print trade paperbacks, content appears to be released in batches. Best sellers, historical classics and the New 52 are available from DC with a starter selection of independents, most notably lead by The Walking Dead. But the good news is this is changing for the better with recent offerings from Marvel and expanding to monthly comics beyond just digital trade paperbacks. For those who want to conveniently read some of the best comics has to offer, its a well groomed path. But for those who taste run deeper its can feel like half the universe is missing without some key offerings.

Something I left out of the Pro / Con list was panel reading. Amazon calls out on select titles: “Kindle Panel View for a magnified, panel-by-panel presentation of the story.” Its a completely different approach to panel reading compared to comiXology Guided ViewTM Technology. A panel on page is blown up while the others remain dimmed, but viewable and the whole page is kept in perspective. ComiXology Guided View ™ turns the panels into pages while the Kindle Panel View shifts the focus of each page by enlarging the panels in sequence. 

I am a bit agnostic about which way I prefer viewing panels on a 7″ device. It makes no sense to me on a 10″ device, but its clearly the only way to view on a phone. But in between… well, it makes me feel in between. If there was a particular panel layout targeted by the artist for digital (like a widescreen emphasis famously showcased by Bryan Hitch in the Ultimates), then I could get behind a preference. Since the vast majority of scripts and layouts are still page driven designs, I see the panel to panel as a stop gap measure until comics embrace digital fully – like with Marvel Infinite Comics. Otherwise, the comics that will look and function best in panel view are movie storyboards.

Regardless of panels or not, the biggest benefit of the Kindle Fire HD with Kindle Comics & Graphic Novels is simply economics. The tablet itself is competitively priced in addition to the content. A quick survey of titles available on other services confirmed at the the time of this review that Kindle Store prices were the lowest.

For someone dabbling in comics, an avid amazon fan or looking for some of the best deals in comic book reader content and HD tablets – I heartily recommend picking up a Kindle Fire HD and visiting Kindle Comics & Graphic Novels.

Comics & Graphic Novels on Kindle Store & More

With a Kindle Fire Tablet, natively browse, purchase and read a great selection of comics and graphic novels from Marvel, DC Comics and many independents. Some suggestions for getting started with your Kindle Fire HD Comic Book Reader:



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There you go. What do you think? Let the world know in the comments.
- Comic Book Reader Guy


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