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Best Kindle CBR and Kindle Comic Book Reader Apps for Kindle Fire HD

Looking for the best comic book reader on Kindle Fire HD or best Kindle CBR reader? You have come to the right place place. Here is our ultimate guide for getting the best comic book reader experience on your Kindle Fire HD.

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If you are looking for one of the best Kindle CBR Readers, try the leading high quality comic book reader app for Kindle Fire with loads of settings, but not compromising ease of use, ComiCat from Meanlabs Software. From the very beginning you will experience a straight-forward device scan to build your comics catalog and responsive comic viewer with minimal lag that seamlessly supports CBR and CBZ files. This app only lacks some fine grain file organization control, broader format support (such as PDF) and store integration.

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PS – If you are looking for single app with access to up to 11,000 out of print golden age comics all in one place, then GoldenCat, from the makers of ComiCat is available for Kindle. This app is styled after a comic book reader store, like comiXology, with in app purchases. You take the app for a test drive right from your computer on Amazon.

Comics by comiXology


Comics by comiXology

One of the first apps on Kindle Fire and one still one of the best designed for the screen size and looking even better and sharper on the Kindle Fire HD. The experience on a 7″ or 8.9 ” Kindle Fire HD is optimized for the device – while there may be more options on larger tablet sizes, its simply not a blown up version of comiXology for a smart phone. The store catalog is continuing to grow with one of the broadest selections of any comic book reader including Marvel, DC, Image and The Walking Dead. The comic book reading experience on comiXology for Kindle is just as top-notch as other platforms and includes key features like thumbnail navigation and panel viewing Guided View Technology for any size Kindle device. For any fan of amazon and comics, this app should at the top of your list.

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Comics & Graphic Novels on Kindle Store

Graphic Novels & Comics on Kindle Store


One of the most overlooked features with the Kindle tablet is the ability to natively browse, purchase and read comics, graphic novels and comic strips as you would other ebook and Kindle published content. The first Kindle Fire wasn’t the most ideal comic book reader, but an HD screen, updated interface and a year later make a big difference.

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Perfect Viewer


Perfect Viewer


Perfect Viewer isn’t quite perfect for the “casual” comic book reader, but may be exactly the settings, preferences, file format reading and feature packed viewer for the advanced. Perfect Viewer supports a laundry list of image file formats including: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, 7Z/CB7, LZH and PDF files with an addition plugin. Photoshop-level image smoothing filters including Averaging, Bilinear and Bicubic for getting the most out of scanned digital comics. The comic page reading experience is when you will really grasp the level of features available, which by default include: Fit to Width, Open File, Fit to Height, Scroll Backward, Zoom In, Main Menu, Zoom Out, Scroll Forward, Previous Folder or Archive, Quick Bar and Next Folder or Archive. On other Android devices I have found Perfect Viewer more sturdy when compared to the Kindle Fire HD where I experienced regular crashes and a feeling of being overwhelmed by figuring out the settings on an interface I didn’t find intuitive on my first couple of uses. However, if you are the sort of person that can’t have enough options, you’re in the right place and Perfect Viewer might be like a dream filled with possibilities to tailor and finesse your comic book reader experience.


Comic Reader Mobi

Comic Reader Mobi includes support for ZIP, RAR, CBR and CBZ comic book file formats and can stream comics from a WebDAV server. Other comic viewing and image features include: draggable autosizing lens for zooming, automatic bookmarking and image fit by width, height, best fit or stretch.

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Kindle Reading Apps

Looking for Kindle Apps to read your Kindle Store Comics and other Amazon ebook content or purchases on a different platform or device? Here you will find links to Kindle Reader Apps.

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Kindle App for Android: Kindle Graphic Novels & Comics

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Kindle App for iOS: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod

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Amazon Books:

Because some content is not yet available in formats for digital comic book readers…
Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner
Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud


There you go. What do you think? Let the world know in the comments.

- Comic Book Reader Guy

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